About Us

About Seth (by Chris)

When Seth and I first met, I was drawn to him because we both had the same nerdy interests and laughed so much whenever we spent time together. He was (and still is) very close with his friends, and I like how open he is about things around his friends and family—there’s never any need to feel embarrassed around him because he embraces the humor in every situation.

I definitely appreciate Seth’s easygoing personality. Whenever I find myself stressed about something, he helps me keep things in perspective by telling me to take a break from worrying and do something fun. Watching him enjoy his many and varied hobbies—from knitting and playing piano to video games and cooking—always reminds me to relax instead of worrying too much about things that don’t matter in the long run.

Seth’s family and friends are extremely important to him. He’s generous (everyone we know has a hand-knitted scarf or mittens from him) and caring (as a veterinarian, he goes out of his way to make sure his patients get the treatment they need, and he gets frequent calls from friends and family asking for pet advice). When his niece Millie was born, I had to hold him back from buying her too many baby outfits and story books all at once, but I loved how he insisted on getting her a combination of “girls” and “boys” things so that she’ll grow up feeling encouraged to be herself. And most importantly, Seth’s job requires him to deal with vomit and other bodily fluids every day, so he’ll be ready for all the dirty diapers and more that come along with being a parent.


About Chris (by Seth)

When I first met Chris, we were both still in school. I learned early on that he is patient and rational. Our busy schedules left little time for dating, but we made time for each other when we could. We appreciated our time together, whether it was studying together at the coffee shop or watching each other play video games. Perhaps most importantly, my dog took an instant liking to him, and within a few months she seemed to like Chris better than me.

Chris’s brain is always working. He is quite dedicated to whatever projects he takes on. The most obvious example of this is his scientific research; one day he decided to look closely at some pill bugs out in the yard. Four years later he had a full research project (with international collaborators) about pill bug genetics. He also recently decided to teach himself French, and is almost fluent after only 2 years.

Chris is a selfless loving person. I often come home from a long day at work to a tidy house and a home cooked meal, usually after Chris has had his own full day of work. He can often be found throwing the tennis ball for the dog (her greatest joy!) even if he is exhausted himself.

Chris can be shy and awkward sometimes, but put a kid in front of him and he’s suddenly a natural. Between dealing with his students and putting up with me, he has learned patience. He has so much love to share, and he will be an amazing father.