Our Family and Friends


Chris has two brothers and a sister as well as a nephew. We all live in different cities, but everyone’s in the northeast so we visit each other regularly, usually at Chris’s parents’ house. Some of our traditions include running races together and going to the New York State Fair in the summer. Also: eating. And when we’re not eating, we’re planning the next meal.


Seth comes with two families for the price of one. His parents divorced when he was young and have both remarried. He has two sisters, a niece, three step-siblings, and four step-nieces and step-nephews. It may not be a traditional family, but we have more fun than most. Seth’s mom loves hosting family holiday gatherings. We also enjoy visiting his dad’s farm and all the animals they have.


Our friends are like an extended part of our family. A lot of our close friends have moved to different parts of the country, but we visit as much as possible and try to get together for New Years Eve every year. It sounds cliché but when we see each other it feels like we haven’t even been apart. Many of our friends have kids themselves, and we like spending time with them as well.