Our Home

Here’s our house when it’s not covered in snow. In the summer we like to grill on our back deck and spend time outsideĀ in the garden. We also live down the street from a large park, where we often take the dog for walks.

We have a dog, Daphne, and a cat, Zephyr. We also have severalĀ pet turtles, some of which Chris has had for about twenty years now! Last summer one of them laid eggs and we hatched two baby turtles.

In the summer we spend a lot of time gardening and tending to our potted fig trees. When we’re not outside, we’re usually inside cooking (our favorite: pizza). Chris’s dad has worked as a baker for about 40 years, so baking is a big family tradition for us, and we’re excited to pass it on to another generation.


When we get a chance to travel, we like to do things outdoors like canoeing and hiking, but we also visit the usual tourist spots sometimes. Obviously traveling with a kid will be a bit different, but we’re excited to try new things as a family.